About and Contact Details

Hi, I’m Kaleigh!

Although I write for a living as a journalist, in late 2013 I decided I just wasn’t writing enough about beer so set up a beer blog as a new year’s resolution. Originally I was posting short reviews of some of the beers I was drinking and sharing my favourite pubs in Manchester, but now I like to focus more on reviews of new pubs in Manchester, beer festivals, brewery tours and travel posts about my beer-filled trips across the UK and beyond. The common theme is beer!

I also have a travel blog covering city guides, travel advice and reviews and I run Good Charlotte UK, a UK-based website for US pop punk band Good Charlotte which I’ve owned and operated since 2002.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Untappd (@kaleighpie on both), or if you’d like to send me an email it’s thealeinkaleigh@gmail.com. Cheers!


3 thoughts on “About and Contact Details

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