15 events not to miss at Manchester Beer Week 2018

Manchester Beer Week returns for its third outing for 2018 and includes more events that ever before. This year, the events are more wide-ranging than ever featuring beer paired dinners, discussions about diversity, art exhibitions, wrestling as well as beer launches, meet the brewers and tap takeovers, there are huge amount of events in the MBW 2018 programme, and here’s my pick of the 15 ones not to miss.

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Are all-in events the future of beer festivals?

No longer do beer festivals mean a CAMRA-led event that takes place once a year and includes a load of local cask beer and maybe some Belgian bottles, thanks to the new breed of events that have popped up showcasing a new range of breweries and payment tactics.

Moving on from the old fashioned sheet of beer tokens, there are now more beer festivals which are offering all-in tickets – where you pay for everything up front and on arrival, all the beer is included. No faffing about with tokens, token sheets or cash, you simply turn up and drink away.

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Manchester Beer and Cider Festival 2016

One of Manchester’s biggest beer festivals has returned – and it’s bigger (and better) than ever. After two years at the velodrome near the City of Manchester Stadium, Manchester and Beer Cider Festival has moved to Manchester Central (aka GMEX). Although the move didn’t seem to be an ideal situation for the organisers (especially as it costs significantly more to hire the venue), it’s worked out well for the event.

There are two main advantages – a central location and a better layout. Getting the tram up to the velodrome was always a bit of a pain so being right next to a city centre Metrolink stop does make the journey there and back much easier. In terms of the layout, all of the bars are in one place and you don’t have to traipse up and down flights of stairs to get everywhere.

The 2016 event also has another significant differentiating feature – the key-keg bar. Previous years did feature some keg beer on the international bar, this is a huge leap forward for CAMRA to welcome keg beer, albeit only certain keg beer, at one of their festivals. I’d heard it wasn’t popular among some of the more, shall we say, old school members of the organisation, but it just seems a decision that makes sense – if you cater for all beer lovers, you’ll get more customers. Indy Man Beer Con 2015 had something similar with the addition of cask beer, so it’s great that festival organisers are trying to cater for a variety of tastes.

In terms of the other beer on offer, the international bar has also grown significantly. Previous years often focused on German and Belgian beers, but 2016 also includes breweries from Denmark (Amager), Sweden (Omnipollo) and even a couple from New Zealand. Spanish beer is also featured due to a link up with the Barcelona Beer Festival – another progressive move from CAMRA. As a result of this partnership, BBF will include a Manchester bar with 24 beers from the city being sent over – a nice idea. And I can’t not mention the British cask beer: there are 471 British beers from 170 breweries. Enough to keep everyone happy.

Overall, it’s a great event and the organisers have done a fantastic job. I feel that they’ve taken feedback on board from previous years – I didn’t spot any sexist t-shirts on sale, for example – and organised a festival that keeps both the real ale purists and the craft beer drinkers happy. The only criticisms I have are minor; it’s a bit chilly in there (but it’s a huge venue and a former railway station so I assume fairly difficult to heat), the food offer isn’t the best for non-meat eaters (although they’re selling the wonderful Karkli which is just about the best beer snack of all time),and it doesn’t appear that there’s anywhere to get a glass of tap water (the bar I asked at didn’t have drinking water, at least – maybe some of the others do). We also did move seats at one point as we were sat across from some gents making some fairly sexist/out-dated comments – not directed at me, I should point out – which did ruin the atmosphere a bit and show that maybe not everyone is as progressive as the organisers are trying to be…

These minor points aside, it’s a well-organised festival with some exciting and interesting beers to try – and I’m looking forward to a return visit on Friday.

But I’ve rambled enough, so here’s Manchester Beer and Cider Festival 2016 in pictures. (Photo credits: Ross aka @alldoomandgloom)

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Indy Man Beer Con

Thursday isn’t always the ideal day for a beer festival (especially if you start work at 7.30am like me!) but as it was a choice between that and the Sunday afternoon session, Thursday it was for our Indy Man Beer Con fun.

Arriving promptly at Victoria Baths for 5.30pm, it was a short queue and we were in. It’s one of the priciest beer festivals I’ve ever been to (about £10/12 entrance I do believe) but that included your glass, programme and a pencil.

After stocking up on beer tokens we headed into room two. And wow, what a room! I’ve never been to Victoria Baths before and I was amazed at what a great space it is.


We grabbed a spot on the end of a table and enjoyed a few beers (all on Untappd) sat in a stunning room.

But even more eye catching was room 1. This looks like it was once the main pool and is complete with changing stalls around the outside and ladders. Room 3 was slightly smaller but also had the cute restored changing rooms.


After a few beers we headed to Almost Famous for some grub. I’m a big fan of their food but although the toppings were amazing, the burgers seemed a bit smaller than the ones in their restaurants. Still delicious though!



We then nipped over to the Green Room. This, according to a plaque on the wall, was where users of the adjoining Turkish Bath went to cool down. It was a bit chilly but had a few tables so settled down in there. It was also the site of a bar by Port Street Beer House which was delightfully named Portable Street Beer House (I do enjoy a good pun).


We were joined by two of Ross’ friends later on and ended the evening at about 11pm.

Although we tried a lot of good beers (as well as some not so good ones!), the stand out beer for me was Summer Wine Brewery‘s Mauna Kea. While ordering another one of theirs, I was recommended this one by the chap who served me and given a little taster. I fell in love!! An IPA with tropical flavours such as coconut and lychee – wow! But alas when I returned for a glass of it, it was all gone. Such a shame!!

Indy Man Beer Con was definitely a well organised and very enjoyable beer festival – wide range of beers to suit all tastes, interesting venue, minimal waiting to get served and lots of seating. My only regret is that we could only attend on the Thursday evening especially as some of the breweries we came across in Copenhagen (will blog about it soon!) such as Evil Twin and To Øl were only available on the different days and it would have also been nice to stay til the close. Will definitely have to buy tickets earlier next year. Roll on IMBC2015!