Mikkeller and more: Craft beer bars in Copenhagen

The Danish capital of Copenhagen is one of my favourite cities, mostly down to its fantastic craft beer scene. I’ve visited the city a fair few times now and managed to explore quite a few of its bars and found some firm favourites.

So here’s a full guide to beer in Copenhagen – without a Carlsberg in sight.

Carlsberg Brewery entrance

I don’t like their beer, but the entry to their brewery is pretty impressive

Mikkeller bars

If there’s one name that dominates the craft beer scene in Copenhagen, it’s Mikkeller. New Mikkeller venues seem to pop up in Copenhagen constantly and here’s a look at the ones currently open.

Mikkeller Viktoriagade

Mikkeller beer at Mikkeller Viktoriagade

The original Mikkeller bar looks like the archetypal Scandinavian beer bar. Think clean lines, wooden furniture and cosy lighting throughout. It’s made up of two main rooms and features a variety of seating, although my favourites are the two-person tables made using drawers and there’s also some benches outside. It has 20 beers on draught.

Mikkeller Viktoriagade

Viktoriagade 8, Vesterbro – mikkeller.dk/location/mikkeller-bar-viktoriagade-copenhagen

Mikkeller & Friends

Outside of Mikkeller and Friends, Copenhagen

A basement bar but it doesn’t feel dark with its white walls, light wood and plenty of lighting providing a very Scandi-feel. 40 beers on draught from Mikkeller and, as the name suggests, other selected breweries.

One of the bars in Mikkeller and Friends, Copenhagen

Alongside larger tables, there are also some small nooks and some seating at the bar.

Beer inside Mikkeller and Friends, Copenhagen

Stefansgade 35, Nørrebro – mikkeller.dk/location/mikkeller-friends/


Beer list at Koelschip

I have apparently only ever taken one picture inside Koelschip

Located next door to Mikkeller & Friends – there’s a connecting doorway – Koelschip is Mikkeller’s homage to all things lambic. It’s a world away from its neighbour with its dark wooden bar, hops hanging from the ceiling and candlelight. Eight beers are on draught and there’s a fridge full of lambics and sour beers to explore too.

Stefansgade 35, Nørrebro – mikkeller.dk/location/koelschip/


bar at Warpigs, Copenhagen

Set within Copenhagen’s meat-packing district, Warpigs (a collab between Mikkeller and US brewery 3 Floyds) is surrounded by other eateries and bars but holds its own in a busy area.

Outside of Warpigs, Copenhagen

A brew pub and BBQ restaurant, Warpigs is loud, bustling and an unforgettable experience. There’s  22 beers on draught and food is generally served until it runs out. Mainly a meat joint, there’s a couple of vegetarian options including Mac ‘n’ cheese, hush puppies and their sensational pecan pie.

Vegetarian food at Warpigs, Copenhagen

Seating is mainly made up of long cafeteria style tables with some smaller seats for two in the windows and outdoor benches for those warmer days. One of my favourite places in Copenhagen.

Food service at Warpigs

Flæsketorvet 25, Vesterbro – warpigs.dk/


Mikropolis sign

Part beer bar, part cocktail bar, Mikropolis is located in the ground floor of a residential building close to the Nørreport station. Probably the smallest of Mikkeller’s Copenhagen bars, Mikropolis has 10 beers on draught alongside a cocktail and spirits menu.

Beer and cocktail list at Mikropolis

Vendersgade 22 – mikkeller.dk/location/mikropolis/

Mikkeller Baghaven

Outside of Mikkeller Baghaven

Located within the city’s docklands, (get yourself a bike if you’re planning a visit), Mikkeller Baghaven – formerly Mikkeller Barrel Store – is billed as Mikkeller’s “playground” where they experiment with farmhouse and wild ales. I’ve only visited once which was during MBCC where it had a slightly different set up but it now focuses on serving beers made on site and similar breweries. It has limited opening hours so check before you visit!

Mikkeller Baghaven bar

Refshalevej 169b – mikkellerbaghaven.dk


Mikkeller also have a bottle shop (within Torvehallerne Market hall) and have a collection of restaurants in Copenhagen; Ramen to Birru (a ramen restaurant with locations in Nørrebro and Vesterbro), Ol and Brod (serving up Danish smorrebrod a few doors down from Mikkeller’s original bar on Viktoriagade),  Hyggestund (brunch bar also on Viktoriagade) and La Neta (Mexican grub in Nørrebro).

Non-Mikkeller bars

Although Mikkeller has a huge presence in Copenhagen, there are plenty of other bars worth a visit from other operators.


Cosy candlelight inside Fermentoren, Copenhagen

Fermentoren is owned and operated by Dry and Bitter. It’s not the biggest space inside but it is welcoming and cosy with candles, dark furniture and a convivial atmosphere. If you prefer the great outdoors, there’s a large beer garden to the front.

Outside of Fermentoren at night

On draught you’ll find 24 beers including plenty from Dry and Bitter alongside some smaller Danish breweries and some options from elsewhere in Europe and the US. It also has a sister bar in Aarhus, Denmark’s second city.

Beer list at Fermentoren, Copenhagen

Halmtorvet 29C – fermentoren.com/


Brus, Copenhagen

Owned by the team behind To Øl, BRUS is a bar, microbrewery, restaurant and a small food shop set within an old warehouse in the Nørrebro area of the city. Spacious, family friendly and with a relaxed atmosphere, BRUS is a good place to start the evening and with its menu of 24 beers and eight cocktails, it’s a good place for groups made up of beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers.

Brus. Copenhagen

Guldbergsgade 29F – tapperietbrus.dk


View of the bar in Dispensary, Copenhagen

Dispensary is one of Copenhagen’s newer openings and it isn’t the easiest to find; in fact we almost walked right past it at first as at that time, it didn’t have a sign up (I’d told it does have one now).

Outside of Dispensary, a craft beer and whiskey bar in Copenhagen

Its quite simply decorated with some throwbacks to its previous life visible (I asked, it used to be a shop). it’s set over two floors, including a basement decorated with some funky wallpaper, and as well as a great beer menu, including 30 on draught, it’s also got plenty of whisky available.

Basement of Dispensary, Copenhagen

Nørrebrogade 184 – facebook.com/DispensaryKBH/

Rbabarrab Bar

Bar in Rbabarrab Bar, Copenhagen

Rbabarrab Bar first came to my attention when it hosted an Omnipollo tap takeover during Mikkeller Beer Celebration 2017. Located on one of the main roads in Vesterbro, it would be quite easy to walk past it. Inside, it’s quite plainly decorated but at night the whole place becomes bathed in a pinkish/orange glow from the lighting. These images are from May 2017, I’m told its had a little bit of a makeover since then.

Beer in Rbabarrab Bar, Copenhagen

It’s got about 15 beers on draught and is next door to grocery shop Kihoskh which also has a basement full of cracking beers from Denmark and beyond.

Beer at Kioskh

Sønder Boulevard 53, Vesterbro – rbabarrab.com

The Lord Nelson

Beer inside Lord Nelson beer bar, Copenhagen

The Lord Nelson is a place I recommend time and time again to visitors to Copenhagen. It’s a basement bar close to the main shopping area which serves beer from Danish microbreweries and often means you’ll come across beers you won’t see elsewhere.

Bar at Lord Nelson, Copenhagen

One thing to note: it is a smoking bar although the door is usually open so it doesn’t feel too stuffy even if people are lighting up.

Beer list at Lord Nelson, Copenhagen

Hyskenstræde 9 – www.lordnelson.dk/


Bar at Himmeriget, Copenhagen

Located in Nørrebro and made up of two fairly cosy rooms, Himmeriget isn’t a large venue but it’s one worth visiting on any trip to Copenhagen. There’s ten beers on draught but it’s the bottle and can list that are the stars here – it’s probably got the best bottle selection in Copenhagen. If you like Cantillon or Evil Twin, it’s the place to go.

Himmeriget beer

And if you’re feeling peckish, there’s a great pizza place a few doors down called Benvenuti Pizzeria. It’s only open from 4-9pm but worth visiting!

Åboulevard 27, Nørrebro – himmeriget.dk/

Ørsted Ølbar

View of Orsted Olbar, a beer bar in Copenhagen

Unlike some of the other craft beer bars on this list, Ørsted Ølbar does feel more like a neighbourhood bar and does feel very homely with its exposed brick walls and comfy, mis-matched leather furniture. It has 20 beers on draught and a bottle selection too. It does sometimes have football on the TVs but if that’s not your thing don’t let it put you off as on each of my visits I’ve never seen it particularly noisy as a result of the live sport.

Orsted Olbar in Copenhagen

Nørre Farimagsgade 13 – oerstedoelbar.dk/


View of the inside of Taphouse in Copenhagen

Taphouse probably has one of the biggest draught beer selections in Copenhagen with 61 beers available at any one time. It’s a pretty diverse mix on tap with beer from Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the UK, Sweden and the US. There are some decent ones available but they’re also mixed in with beer you can get in UK supermarkets such as Weihenstephaner and Brewdog. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of Taphouse because the atmosphere felt a little flat on both our visits (although, it’s been pointed out to me that maybe I’d decided I didn’t like it the first time and that had impacted my view for the next visit). I think they also do a happy hour but it’s only on selected beers and I’d personally prioritise visiting other bars instead.

Bar at Taphouse, Copenhagen

Lavendelstræde 15 – taphouse.dk/


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