The beer bars and bottle shops of Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus is Denmark’s second city and its good selection of bars and relatively small size (especially in comparison to Copenhagen) makes it a great place for a beery city break. Most of the craft beer bars in Aarhus are easy to walk between so you can visit quite a few in a short space of time, so here’s a look at some of them – including one that does a happy hour!


Fermentoren Aarhus

Beer at Fermentoren, Aarhus

Our first port of call was Fermentoren – mainly because it was the closest place to our apartment. It’s much larger than it’s Copenhagen counterpart and has the dive bar style look but still remains cosy with leather sofas and candles aplenty.

View of Fermentoren Aarhus at night

It’s made up of three areas – a front room with a large window (it feels like the building may have been a shop at some point in its life), a middle section which houses the bar and toilets and a room out the back.

We visited Fermentoren a few times and each time had a slightly different atmosphere. The first was a Sunday evening. Apparently, Sunday evenings are not big nights in Aarhus as it was very quiet. But then we visited during a week day afternoon and evening and it was much livelier.

Beer board at Fermentoren Aarhus

There are 22 beers on draught with Dry and Bitter, which is linked with the bar, featuring heavily. Other Danish breweries on offer included Beer Here and Mikkeller and there were also options from Evil Twin, Fourpure and Het Uiltje.

One not to miss in Aarhus!

Nørregade 24 –

Mikkeller Bar Aarhus

Craft beer at Mikkeller Bar Aarhus

Mikkeller Aarhus is very similar design-wise to the brewery’s original bar in Viktoriagade in Copenhagen: think wooden furniture, straight lines and some colourful chairs and plants to brighten it up. It’s bright and airy thanks to its large windows facing onto the street, which open all the way to keep air flowing through in the warmer months. There’s a mixture of seating – cosy tables for couples, larger ones for small groups, seats at the bar and some benches out front for smokers.

Mikkeller Bar Aarhus

There are 20 taps and during our visit there was a Voodoo tap takeover although they kept some of their standard brews such as the Pils and Wit on while this was taking place. We popped in the day before the takeover and there was a couple from Warpigs and Northern Monk as well, but Mikkeller dominate the menu. A bottle list, Mikkeller spirits and cherry wine were also available.

Voodoo tap takeover beer list at Mikkeller Bar Aarhus

Mikkeller Aarhus definitely lived up to expectations after visiting their Copenhagen bars, and it does seem to have a range of events that take place including takeovers and launches, so keep an eye on their Facebook to see if there’s anything on if you’re planning a trip.

Mig og Ølsnedkeren

Mig og Olsnedkeren, Aarhus

Located on one of Aarhus’ oh-so-charming compact streets, Mig og Ølsnedkeren is a cosy craft beer bar which is popular with locals.

Set over two levels, upstairs is made up of the bar and wooden tables and chairs, while downstairs is cosier with carpeted walls and some nooks and crannies for you to hide away in.

Mig og Olsnedkeren, Aarhus

Like Fermentoran and Mikkeller, it also has a counterpart in the Danish capital and some of the beer comes from their own brewery (named Ølsnedkeren). There’s 20 beers on draught and it’s was mostly Danish which is always good to see.

One very big plus of this bar is the fact that it does a happy hour which is very welcome in pricey Denmark. During the afternoon, they sell large versions of some of their beers for the price of a small. Perfect for a pre-dinner drink!

Sadly, when we tried to visit again the next day they were closed (I think they’d had a power outage) but for value for money, especially during happy hour, it’s definitely one to check out.

Mejlgade 12 –


Fairbar Aarhus

Fairbar is very different to some of Aarhus’ other bars as it is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers which supports a charity in Myanmar, so you can do some good while having a beer.

We visited because they were having a To Øl tap takeover but looking at their website, there’s a decent range of craft beer on draught on a day-to-day basis. It has ten beers on draught as well as a decent bottle list.

To Ol tap takeover at Fairbar, Aarhus

It’s very much a neighbourhood bar with friends meeting after work for snacks and a drink and plenty of events taking place, so it had a very jovial atmosphere but it also meant it got very busy so you might find yourself standing if you come at a peak time – but don’t let that put you off.


Nørre Allé 66 –

Aarhus Street Food

Aarhus Street Food

OK, it’s not a craft beer bar but I wanted to give it a little mention as we spent a lot of time here. Aarhus Street Food is located in former bus garages and features a variety of street food stalls set within shipping containers – including plenty of vegetarian options which is always appreciated in meat-loving Denmark – and there’s also a beer bar.

Craft beer at Aarhus Street Food

The bar had a pretty good range with about 12 beers on draught and as well as a collection of bottles. Aarhus Street Food itself has a good atmosphere as it’s quite buzzy both in the afternoons and evenings, but it does get very busy so it’s not always easy to find a seat, especially if the weather isn’t great and the outdoor seats are out of action, but the food makes it definitely worth a visit.

Ny Banegårdsgade 46 –

Bottle shops

Mikkeller Bottle Shop Aarhus

Mikkeller Bottle Shop, Aarhus

Mikkeller’s Aarhus bottle shop is located within Aarhus Central Food Market which is only a short walk from the Mikkeller bar. Its tucked away around the back of the market – although it’s a not a huge place so it’s not hard to find – and sells a good range of beer from Mikkeller and others.

Mikkeller Bottle Shop Aarhus

It’s all arranged by style so it’s easy enough to find what you’re looking for and the staff are also keen to help out if you need assistance. There’s also some beer in fridges if you want something already chilled.

Aarhus Central Food Market, Sankt Knuds Torv 7-9 –


Flask, Aarhus

Located a few doors down from Fermentoren, Flask is an excellent bottle shop with a great range and very helpful staff who are happy to offer advice and recommendations.

Craft beer in Flask, Aarhus

It’s a fairly compact shop with a minimalist look and the emphasis is definitely on quality rather than quantity. It sells a variety of interesting and high quality beers with options from Scandinavia, the UK, Belgium and the US, with everything from imperial stouts and barley wines to more sessionable choices.

One thing to note: do check the opening hours before visiting as it was closed a couple of the days we were in Aarhus.

 Nørregade 40 –


Planning a visit to the Danish capital? Check out my posts on craft beer in Copenhagen.


3 thoughts on “The beer bars and bottle shops of Aarhus, Denmark

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  2. Fermentoren & Flask are now both closed 😦

    …but you should also check out Highlanders Bar in Aarhus, they have lots of great beers and a bottle shop too – there isnt so much a happy hour, but there are usually one or two beers on special offer.

    …and if you are a BrewDog fan, it is definitely the place to go !

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