Traditional v modern: Beer in Berlin

Known across the world as a party city, Berlin is also a great place for beer drinkers – as you’d expect from the capital of Germany. Being a large city, most of the bars are fairly spread out but there are plenty of them to explore. Here’s a look at the craft beer bars and traditional German inns I visited in Berlin.

Augustiner am Gendarmenmarkt

Augustiner, Berlin

Augustiner am Gendarmenmarkt was our first stop off purely because it was the nearest place to our hotel to get a beer. We’ve been to Augustiner’s bars in Munich and Salzburg which were both fantastic so I was interested to check out the Berlin location.

View of Augustiner Berlin

Awful pic but you get the gist!

It’s nowhere near as cosy and comfortable as the Munich and Salzburg outlets as it’s not in an old building, but they’ve decked it out with the dark panelling that you associate with traditional German bars to try and add the historic effect. Disappointingly, the Weissbier wasn’t available on draught (only bottled) but they’ve got the Helles, Dunkel and Edelstoff. It’s alright if you want to sample a bit of Bavaria in Berlin.

Charlottenstraße 55 –

Zum Nußbaum

Zum Nussbaum, Berlin

A traditional pub (albeit, one that’s been rebuilt) in the oldest part of the city. Think dark wood, benches and the smell of meat cooking. Not a huge number of beers on draught, but a cosy little spot although as it isn’t huge, so you may find yourself struggling to get a seat or sharing a table but it’s a nice place to check out. It’s fairly touristy as you’d expect for a bar in this area of the city.

Beer at Zum Nussbaum, Berlin

Am Nußbaum 3

The Muted Horn

Berlin craft beer bar Muted Horn

One of Berlin’s best craft beer bars, The Muted Horn has a fantastic range of beers on draught and a great bottle list. A total of 22 draught beers are available with pretty much every style of beer represented and the staff are lovely and happy to offer tasters and advice.

Beer list at Muted Horn

From the outside, the bar resembles an extension on the back of someone’s house but inside it’s welcoming with a jovial atmosphere. Board games are available in a variety of languages and pretzel sticks are provided on the tables which are far too easy to snack on. They also run a range of beery events including tap takeovers and meet the brewers.

Muted Horn, Berlin

Flughafenstraße 49 –

Heidenpeters at Markthalle Neun

Heidenpeters, a craft beer bar at Markthalle Neun

I’m a big fan of beer with street food and Markhalle Neun is the ideal place for it as local brewery Heidenpeters have a permanent bar in this large market. Thursdays is their street food night, but the market hall is open most days of the week. The Heidenpeters bar has four beers on draught, mainly IPAs and pale ales, at fairly decent prices – although you need to factor in the glass deposit cost.

Eisenbahnstraße 42/43 –


Beer list at Hopfenreich, a craft beer bar in Berlin

A neighbourhood style bar with 22 draught beers on draught, Hopfenreich is a vibrant place to visit – we visited on a Friday night and it was pretty busy. It’s not the largest bar although there are three rooms with seating.

The bar at Hopfenreich, Berlin

One nice touch is that the beer board highlights local breweries although there are a fair few international breweries represented alongside the local options. Water is also provided on the bar which is a plus for me. Definitely one to check out.

Beer at Berlin craft beer bar Hopfenreich

Sorauer Str. 31 –

Brewdog Berlin Mitte

Brewdog Berlin

We only went here as we were nearby and our friends who we were with are Brewdog shareholders, so thought we might as well take advantage of the discount. There’s 30 beers on draught (unsurprisingly, a significant number of them are from Brewdog themselves although there were some decent guests – I had one from Warpigs).

Beer list at craft beer bar Brewdog Berlin Mitte

It’s got the same industrial look as every other Brewdog bar, there are pizzas on sale and quite a lot of seating. It also looked like they were in the process of building an outdoor area. It’s OK, but there are other bars to prioritise if you’re visiting Berlin.

Brewdog Berlin Mitte

Ackerstraße 29 –

BRLO Brewhouse

BRLO Brewhouse, a craft beer bar and restaurant in Berlin

A fantastic venue built out of shipping containers, BRLO Brewhouse has 20 beers on draught, about half of which are from their own brewery. There’s a huge range of styles with something for everyone from IPAs to wheat beers to sours to porters and stouts.

Beer list at Berlin craft beer brewpub BRLO

The food is also really good – it’s a tapas style menu which is mainly vegetarian but you can add some meat on too if you’re so inclined to.

Food at BRLO Brewhouse, Berlin

It may be quite a large venue but it gets busy on weekend evenings so you might find yourself hanging around at the bar for a bit for a table if you’ve not made a reservation but it is worth the wait. A must-visit craft beer spot in Berlin.

Outside of BRLO Brewhouse, Berlin

Schöneberger Str. 16 –

Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens (Stone Berlin)

Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens, Berlin

There’s only one word for this place – WOW! A bit of a walk from the nearest S-bahn station, but it’s very much worth the journey.

Sign to Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens Berlin

It’s a gigantic site; a former gasworks building which has been repurposed into one of the most stunning beer bars I’ve ever visited. Light, airy and spacious, it’s full of greenery and windows which makes it feel even larger than it is.

Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens, Berlin

We’d booked in for dinner so we were seated at one of the many tables, but there’s also the option to sit and drink at the bar if you only want beer.

The bar at Beer list at Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens, Berlin

There were 50 beers on draught, and between us we worked our way through a good number of them and the food was also fantastic.

Seabass at Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens, Berlin

I’d love to visit again in the warmer months as the beer garden looks absolutely beautiful too. A shop is also on site if you want some beers to take away or to get some merch.

Stone shop at Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens Berlin

You need to visit this place, it was my absolute highlight of Berlin.

Im Marienpark 23 –


Inside Prater Garten Berlin

A traditional beer hall with a fantastic beer garden, Pratergarten is located close to the Mauerpark. During the summer, the beer garden definitely looks like the place to visit but as we were there on a cloudy March afternoon it was indoor seating only.

Beer-wise, they have their house pilsner and schwartzbier on draught as well as a seasonal special. They also offer a number of, shall we say, interesting concoctions of beer mixed with range of soft drinks. I went for a Radler (beer with lemonade aka a shandy) but wasn’t willing to try the versions with Fanta or cola!

Kastanienallee 7-9 –


Inside Kaschk Berlin

Kaschk bills itself as a craft beer and coffee bar and if you’re with non-beer drinkers, it’s also got spirits etc so it’s a good all-rounder. Twelve draught beers are available and we found the likes of To Øl and Norway’s Kinn and Lervig, as well as local options such as BRLO.

Beer list at Kaschk, Berlin

During the day, it’s quite relaxed with families and coffee drinkers visiting but it gets more lively later on. It’s also got a basement area which features two shuffleboard tables. You rent the pucks from the bar and the cost depends on how long you play for; it’s a lot cheaper during the week than weekends.

Shuffleboard at Kaschk, Berlin

Linienstraße 40 –

Brauhaus Lemke

Lemke Brauhaus in Berlin

Located pretty much on Alexanderplatz, it does have a bit of a touristy vibe but the beer is alright. The brewery originally set up a site in a former S-bahn station in 1999 but this location opened its doors in 2004. Fine if you want a quick beer near Alexanderplatz.

Dircksenstraße 143 –

Hofbrauhaus Berlin

Hofbrauhaus Berlin

Definitely not the coolest place to go in the city, but the Berlin version of the Hofbrauhaus does aim to bring a bit of Bavaria to the city. From the outside, it looks nothing like the original but inside they’ve tried to make a decent replica. It’s also massive so there’s plenty of seating. OK if you fancy a stein and some stodge.

Hofbrauhaus Berlin

Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 30 –

Birra – Italian Craft Beer

Italian beer bar Birra in Berlin

We only stayed for one and nothing about it has really stuck with me, but I can tell you I had Domm by Birrificio di Lambrate (thanks to the magic of Untappd).

Beer list in Italian beer bar Birra in Berlin

I think it fairly busy but we got a table and it was a decent place to break the journey on the way to our next stop, which was…

Prenzlauer Allee 198 

Monterey Bar

Berlin craft beer rock bar Monterey Bar

One of Berlin’s best craft beer bars, Monterey Bar is a fantastic spot for an evening session. It’s a rock bar so the music is pretty decent, but the beer list is what makes it. As well as ten beers on draught, there’s an extensive bottle list with some of my favourites including Omnipollo and Evil Twin on offer. We shared two bottles of Noa during our evening; you know it’s a good bar when Noa is on the menu! It’s also got a relaxed atmosphere and stays busy throughout the evening. One thing to note: the back room allows smoking and you do have to go through it to get to the toilets.

Noa at Monterey Bar Berlin

Danziger Str. 61 –

Mikkeller Berlin

Mikkeller Berlin

I have to admit that I haven’t “properly” been to Mikkeller Berlin, but I did get to the sneak peek event which was crazily busy because they were giving away free beer. The bar itself (well, what I could see if it!) looks very much like the original Mikkeller bar in Vesterbro, Copenhagen with the minimalist Scandi design and there’s 24 beers on draught. It’s Mikkeller, so you know it’s going to have good beer.

Inside Mikkeller Berlin

(Mikkeller Berlin is also a bit of a bone of contention between Ross and I – basically, he planned a surprise trip to Berlin the first weekend of March with two of our friends while I’d also arranged a girls’ holiday there the third weekend of the same month. Alas, Mikkeller Berlin wasn’t open until the third weekend so Ross didn’t get to go while I took my non-beer drinking friend to the sneak peek event and she stood round not drinking anything while I had a fair few of the freebies. He wasn’t too happy!)

Torstraße 102 –

Salt n Bone

Craft beer on draught at Salt n Bone, Berlin

Salt n Bone describes itself as a gastrobar but we only popped in for a few drinks quite late on. It’s the sort of place that wouldn’t feel out of home in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and the staff are friendly.

Salt n Bone Berlin

Decent breweries are available on the five taps including To Øl  as well as local breweries such as Heidenpeters and Berliner Berg Brauerei, and there’s a fairly strong bottle list too. It’s another one of those places suitable to take non-beer drinkers as it has a range of cocktails and 20 gins if that horrible stuff is your bag.

Spirits at Salt n Bone, Berlin

Schliemannstraße 31 –


And, if you’re interested in doing something other than drinking, here’s my guide to the best things to do in Berlin on my travel blog.


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