Black Lodge Brewing – Liverpool

I must confess; I don’t spend nearly as much time as I should do in Liverpool and I’m not as knowledgeable about the city’s beer scene as I could be. As I was staying at my parents’ house in Southport over Christmas, I took a few trips to Liverpool for some day drinking to explore some new (to me) venues and visit some old favourites.

One venue that really stood out – partially because it was closed on our first visit which added to the intrigue – was Black Lodge Brewing. Located in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, it’s a microbrewery, tap house and charcuterie all in one so I was very much looking forward to experiencing it.

As it was mid-afternoon on New Years’ Eve, it was very quiet when we arrived. They weren’t doing food which I assume was because it was NYE, but that was fine – we were there for the beer!

View of the bar at Black Lodge Brewing

The venue’s design is quite industrial and low-key with plain tiles, steel beams and grey painted brick walls. There’s plenty of seating from wooden chairs to some plastic stools – I was glad it was quiet as I wouldn’t have fancied the stools for an extended period of time.

Black Lodge Brewing

Along one wall, there’s brewing equipment. One of the team was there working on something, so it was good to have a look at see what was going on. Another wall has the bar, which has all the draught beers available written on the tiles behind it. A nice feature was a tap for water – glad to see more venues making a point of providing tap water.

Black Lodge Brewing

Around ten beers were on offer on keg and the list included a few from Black Lodge themselves, Northern Monk, Liverpool Craft Beer Co and some European options such as Espiga, Edge Brewing and Brewfist. Between us, we sampled most of them during our visit.

Black Lodge Brewing Liverpool

The brews from Black Lodge in particular were excellent; as you’d expect they were very fresh. I’d be keen to try more and it’s a shame that they didn’t have more of their own beers available to sample. There’s also a fair-priced bottle and can list to drink in or takeaway.

Keg beer from Black Lodge Brewing

As we were leaving, it was starting to get slightly busier and I imagine it can get quite bustling during the evening, so I’m looking forward to making a return visit – on a day when the trains don’t finish early!

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