No Booze November – week 3

A much quieter week!

Week 2 was hectic but the week after was a less busy period.


With grim weather, staying in is much more appealing so it was generally evenings in for week 3. With some restaurant vouchers left over from my old credit card, we decided we’d head out for food on Tuesday night. But it was nothing fancy – we were very limited where we could use them so it was a trip to Nandos. With refillable soft drinks, I don’t think I’ve ever bought an alcoholic drink at Nandos so this visit wasn’t too different to our past visits (except that now we don’t eat meat, so veggie burgers/wraps all round!)

Wednesday – Friday

It was a pretty challenging week and by Wednesday I really did fancy relaxing with a beer. But, I generally stuck to my laurels except for Friday night when I went for a glass of Bailey’s – it was a tough week!

Saturday – Sunday

Saturday was originally meant to be a pub crawl with friends, but as Ross had his 10k early on Sunday so we had to pass unfortunately. Instead, we took a trip to Ramsbottom during the day – probably the first time I’ve been to the town and not had a beer! Sunday involved an early wake-up and a few hours in Heaton Park, but although Ross was thinking of having a beer afterwards (and I got him a bottle of Coniston’s Bluebird to say congratulations), we decided we’d stay off the booze until at least the following weekend!


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