No Booze November – week 2

How did I fare during week two?


The week started off with a trip to new restaurant Comptoir Libanias on Monday evening. Although many items on the drinks menu involved cocktails, they also served some homemade lemonade which was refreshing and moreish – a very appealing non-alcoholic option.


Tuesday night and a friend and I decided to go check out new event Bongo’s Bingo at the Albert Hall. Non-booze options were mainly fizzy soft drinks but they were also serving juice with soda water. After a lemonade, I asked for the juice/soda water option and as they didn’t have any orange left – my first choice – I was given an apple one on the house. Another soft drink freebie!


This day did feature a little cheat – I had a mouthful of mead. Oops. But, in my defence, it was for work purposes!


Thursday eve involved a visit to the launch of Manchester’s new Christmas ice rink – but it absolutely poured it down. Not ideal for an outdoor rink, so we decided to pop to Wahaca for some food on the way back to the car. On my last visit, the drinks we went for were mainly cocktails and beer (not always the best combination!) but this time it was all about the mocktails. There was a fairly good selection of booze-free drinks and we also had a bottle of tap water to wash down the spicey grub!


Friday daytime involved a trip to Manchester’s Christmas Markets for a press event. Again, another little cheat from me as I had a mug of mulled wine – well, it would’ve been rude not to!


To end the week, we’d planned to drive up to the Lakes for some walking. But, reports of bad weather led to us changing our plans and visiting the Peak District instead. Castleton, the home of Peveril Castle, was our destination. A small place, but plenty of tempting pubs! At least two of them had Thornbridge signs outside and the village’s little shops also sold a wide range of local ales. We bought some to take home and decided that a return visit and a stop over in Castleton should be on the cards!

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