Brewdog Manchester

I like to blog about new and interesting places I’ve been to share them to others but I think I sometimes forget the more well-known locations and regular haunts.  Brewdog Manchester falls into both of those categories but as it’s undergone a little rebranding (and a Liverpool bar is being launched this week), it’s probably worth a post.


I have to say, I was quite late in joining the Brewdog bandwagon. They’re obviously notorious for their attention-grabbing publicity stunts and super strength beers and you do have to tip your hat to their marketing team, but the hype didn’t really appeal to me. But as I’ve become more interested in craft beer, I found myself appreciating what they do a lot more and it looks like I’m not the only one – apparently 1 in every 2,200 beers drunk in the UK is made by Brewdog these days.


Brewdog Manchester, which opened in 2012, is a well-designed, modern bar. With an industrial theme throughout, it has plenty of seating (including some couches upstairs and a large outdoors area at the front), a large bar, and boards clearly marking what they’ve got on, how much it is and how it’s best served (1/2 , 2/3 etc). There’s also little touches throughout which make it more welcoming – staff recommendations on the walls, wide range of board games and items such as deodorant, hairspray and sanitary products provided for free in the ladies toilets.


Since our visit to Copenhagen, I have a renewed interest in Brewdog as they stock bottles from Mikkeller. Not only can you drink them there, but you can also take them away with you (I think you get 20 – 30 per cent off). A huge plus point for me! There’s a Peter, Pale and Mary in my fridge as I write this.

Our most recent visit was for one main purpose – India Pale Weizen. I love Weihenstephan and pretty much all things wheat beer so I was very excited to try it. And it was exactly as described – a perfect mix of an IPA and a wheat beer. Definitely recommended from me! Brewdog do aim to push the boundaries and create unique products, and the India Pale Weizen fits well with their ethos.


So if you’ve not been, do listen to the hype and pop in. Ask the bar staff for their recommendations and explore beers from across their range and beyond (especially Mikkeller!!)


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