Tap and Bottles – Southport

When I head back to my hometown of Southport, I’m a creature of habit and usually end up in the same pubs every time. But when I heard a new microbar had opened up, I had to check it out and dragged Ross and my parents along for good measure.

Tap and Bottles is located slightly off the beaten track (for Southport pub visiting anyway) within shopping arcade Cambridge Walks but I imagine it would probably pick up some passing trade from people cutting through to Lord Street from the train station. It’s in a former shop (I think it used to be a lingerie shop!) so it isn’t the biggest venue ever,


The bar and shelves off bottled beers to drink in and take away take up the majority of the space but there are also a few tables. The bottles come from across the UK as well as some international options so plenty of options for all tastes. The bar has about four casks as well as five taps offering beers such as Erdinger and Fruli to complement the mainly local ones on cask. It was Erdinger for me and my parents with a bottle of Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout for Ross.


But disappointingly, the Erdinger was served in regular pint glasses. I think this really lets it down on its beery credentials as even Wetherspoons these days will give you the correctly branded glass and they’re not too hard to get hold of (we’ve got a few half and pint glasses at home). But the chap behind the bar told me they’d only been open for about five weeks so maybe this is something to come.

It was busy but we were told there was seating upstairs so we headed up. There’s two couches, a few bar stools and pallets with wheels on for tables on the upper floor. There is also quite low ceiling so not ideal if you’re tall and the pallets weren’t particularly useful as tables as you had to lean forward or move them if you wanted to pick up your drink.

We stayed for a second with my mum deciding she wanted to try as many beers as possible so we ended up with halves of Fruli, Erdinger, Allgates’ Gin Pit and  Joseph Williamson TunnAle by Liverpool Organic. Gin Pit and Fruli were nice but the TunnAle wasn’t great and not something any of us would go for again.

It was quite a bustling little bar and I look forward to seeing how it develops. Although it still seems to be a work in progress, all the signs look promising and it seems a good addition to the resort’s bar options.


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