Monton: The Blue Bell and Maltdog

Metrolink may not always be the most efficient or reliable service but it allows for exploring parts of the city you might not otherwise visit.
About a 15 minute walk away from Eccles is Monton. It’s slightly Chorlton-esque with its delis and cafes and is also home to a few drinking places.

Just past the main village area lies the Blue Bell. Owned by JW Lees, it’s a fairly modern family-friendly food pub with a couple of ales available.


Inside, it’s quite cosy but as it was a warm summer day, it was airless and really could have done with some air conditioning!


JW Lees’ offerings were the main ales available and we also had food which was at an OK price.


But some proof reading of the menus might not have gone amiss…


We only visited as we were up to go to Maltdog and it’s not really worth going out of your way for but it’s OK if you’re in the area.

After the Blue Bell we headed back to the main street to Maltdog. This was our second visit and it didn’t disappoint.


We first heard about this place in CAMRA’s Ale of Two Cities magazine and were enticed by the talk of German beer. It’s both a shop and a bar with a small amount of seating out the front for the warmer days and a larger space upstairs.


The bar features Weihenstephaner weissbier and Pilsner from Paulaner on tap and it also has three cask ale pumps. Weihenstephaner is one of my all time favourite weissbiers and very much worth the premium price tag (it’s about £4.50). In fact, I’ve only ever got that when I’ve visited but I did notice based on the casks available when we were there and the pump clips all over the wall that beers from Greater Manchester and the North West seem to be the most likely to be available.



Both times we’ve visited we’ve been down on a weekend afternoon and left about 7pm. During the day it has a nice, relaxing atmosphere with a fairly mature audience (we were probably among the youngest visitors) but we’ll have to pop down again to experience it of an evening.

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