The Trackside – Bury

At my office, my love of visiting pubs and drinking real ale is quite well known and recently a colleague said I needed to make a visit to The Trackside as he was surprised I’d never been before, considering how close to Bury we live. So on a pleasant Sunday afternoon with nothing else to do, we caught the Metrolink and headed to Bury to check it out.

Although I was told it was next to a train station I wasn’t aware just how close it is – it’s on one of the platforms of the East Lancashire Railway‘s Bury station, similar to the Stalybridge Buffet Bar we visited recently.



But unlike the station at Stalybridge, Bury is on a heritage railway line as the mainline track and stations were killed off by Beeching in the 1960s.


This doesn’t mean it’s quiet though – there’s a mix of train enthusiasts, travellers and beer fans and as trains are fairly frequent, the clientele changes fairly often.


And if you’re into beer there is so much choice!


There’s also a decent bottled beer selection including this Erdinger Pikantus I’ve not seen before.


The food selection is also decent with a range of toasties, sandwiches and some heartier choices.


There’s something so very British about drinking ale while watching trains and it’s an enjoyable experience. The bar itself is fairly small but the weather held out so we were fine to sit outside, although one steam train did remain at the platform for a considerable time and it got fairly smokey!



All in all the Trackside offers a wide selection of beer in a unique location. It does feel like taking a step back in time and is a lovely place to wile away a Sunday afternoon with good ales and the sight of passing steam trains.


3 thoughts on “The Trackside – Bury

  1. Glad you enjoyed one of my local haunts. If you’ve got time, it’s worth getting the train up to the Buffer Stops which is the Trackside’s sister pub.

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