‘The box’ beer no 1

Selection number one from my joyous box of beers is Müllerbraü Müller Weissbier Leicht.


This is a low alcohol (3.1%) Weiss with all the smell and most of the flavour of the more alcoholic versions.


But it doesn’t feature the usual after taste so all the flavour is only there while you’re sipping it.

There is also less of a head on it.

For a one off beer say on a week night or at lunch time, it’s ideal.

I also think it would be a great way to introduce someone to Weissbier as the flavours aren’t quite as strong but Ross’ view was the complete opposite.

Non-alcoholic Weissbier was something I wasn’t a particular fan of but low alcohol versions seem to have most of the things I love about the beer but just on a lower level.


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