Corbieres – Manchester

Hidden away down a flight of stairs near St Ann’s Square is Corbieres. It’s the type of place you wouldn’t spot unless you knew about it and I’ve been told by a few people after my visit that it’s a bit of a Manchester institution (as a non-Manc I have to confess I’d never heard if it before.)

And what a cool little place it is! Possibly the city’s only underground watering hole, and with the dimmed lighting and whitewashed walls and dark wooden flooring it felt so different to anywhere else in area. It’s definitely a very cosy bar with a unique atmosphere.


We visited on a Thursday evening about 8pm and it was pretty quiet but still a good little spot.


But with its appearance and atmosphere I was expecting more beer choice. It only had two casks on – JW Lees’ MPA and (from what I can remember!) Deuchers, so nothing groundbreaking beer-wise.
I was expecting a bit more of a showing for some more local breweries.

But I do enjoy MPA – went to the launch of it last year (Bez was there and did a little speech which he started by going “0161 MANCHESTERRRR”) and it is a nice, easy to drink ale so I had a pint of that while Ross went for the Guinness.

From what I’ve read after visiting, its popularity and reputation are mainly as a result of its music links but as someone not particularly in to that scene, it’s an enjoyable bar on its own merits. The limited beer choice is a little disappointing but its other assets do make up for it.

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