Return to the Lass O’Gowrie – Manchester

A few months ago the Lass was closed down for refurbishment. It’s now reopened and we took a trip down to see what it’s like these days.

The new licensee also runs the Salisbury near Oxford Road station, which I think is a lovely little pub which has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, so I was expecting good things.

From the outside it all looked very promising – clean and welcoming.



Inside, not too much has been done to the majority of the interior except around the bar area which is modern and bright with everything nicely on display.


And, more importantly,  a lot of casks!


The majority of the ales were local which was great to see.

I went for Wilson Potter’s Tandle Hill which had very citrus flavours and Red Duke by Privateer Beers which had a unique smokey taste which I wasn’t too sure of.



In general I did enjoy the pub in its new guise. It had a nice atmosphere with a good choice of ales. It seems like a place for a few quiet drinks of an evening.

But one thing I would say it seems to not have as much character as it used to have. This is probably as a result of the minimal decoration.

The Lass was also previously known for its clubs and events and as I didn’t see any posters and adverts, I assume the new operators aren’t planning on going down that route.

Overall, worth a visit and it was great to sample some new local beers and hopefully more local breweries will be featured.

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