It’s a glorious day of beer garden weather and as I saw sone Germans in town wearing Lederhosen I was in the mood for a Weissbier.

But I decided to go for a bit of an out there choice and pick the “alkohol-frei” version.

Interesting bottle which describes the health benefits of it including vitamins and folic acid – I can’t say I’ve had much to do with alcohol-free beers so not sure if this is standard on all bottles but it reminded me of those retro alcohol adverts which always featured health benefits ‘Guinness is good for you’ etc.  Erdinger also describe it as a ‘sports and fitness drink’.

Now onto the beer itself. It looks like a regular Erdinger but it goes flat very quickly which gives it away. The smell is different too – you don’t get the lovely Weissbier smell which makes it so appetising.

And following this, the taste is very different too. It’s quite pleasant to drink and it is refreshing but it’s nowhere near as enjoyable as Weissbier. Texture wise, it’s very thin and much less satisfying to drink compared to a regular Erdinger.

Overall, as long as you’re not expecting it to taste like an Erdinger it’s alright. But I wouldn’t drink it as a serious alternative to Weissbier.


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