The Church Inn – Uppermill

When the weather gets warmer one of the things we like to do is head to the countryside for a walk followed by a trip to a pub.

This weekend we just did the pub without the walk even though it did involve a trek up a hill to get to our destination – The Church Inn.


It’s a cosy little pub which does food, brews its own beer (Saddleworth Brewery) and has fantastic views of the surrounding countryside so it’s well worth the journey.


It was quite busy when we arrived so the only place we could get a seat was at the bar next to the fire. It gave the pub a great atmosphere but it was a bit warm!


I started with Copper Dragon’s Vienna, which is a limited edition. Perfectly hoppy and very easy to drink

We then got a table so got for food (steak and ale pie for me, chilli for Ross) with which I had a pint of Saddleworth’s Shaft Bender then their Slap and Tickle.


We then went for some desert (jam roly poly for me and cheesecake for Ross).


After this we were absolutely stuffed and it felt like an expedition getting back down to the village.

But overall, it was worth the trip. The pub was in a beautiful location with hearty food and it’s always enjoyable to go somewhere where they make their own beer!


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