Marstons ‘female orientated beers’ – progress or patronising? 

I generally spend my lunch break having a read of some of the ‘trashier’ news outlets online (a guilty pleasure!) and this story caught my eye.

As a female beer drinker (and CAMRA) member I’m conflicted by this. 

Is it patronising to say women need their own beers or is it simply a good way of introducing different beers to a new audience?

Generally, anything to encourage more people to sample real ales and craft beer can only be a good idea. But as someone who is keen for equality I just don’t feel targeting it specifically at woman is the right way to do it.

Maybe instead a campaign aimed at younger drinkers or just those who have never sampled any different beers would be a better way.

2 thoughts on “Marstons ‘female orientated beers’ – progress or patronising? 

  1. Hi! I am one of the Mardtons female brewers and was involved with Revisionist range. I just wanted to leave a message to say this wasn’t a range of beer created for women. It’s beer for everyone. If you were referring to the daily mail article, they really got it wrong. There are 4 male brewers in the revisionist team. It was never intended to be illustrated as branded too women. These beers are gateway beers for drinkers to try something a little different. I hope you may try them and enjoy them.

    • Hi Gen, thanks for getting in touch. I shouldn’t really be surprised the Daily Mail got it wrong but thanks for clarifying!

      I hope people are encouraged to try something new and I’ll keep an eye out for the range – especially the wheat beer.

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