The Baum – Rochdale

As someone who is not originally from Manchester I can’t say I know a lot about every area of the region but some places so have a reputation that precedes them. Rochdale is one of those places I’ve heard a few bit about albeit mostly negative.

On Saturday we had to make a trip there so I could see for myself and also visit somewhere we’ve been recommended – The Baum.

First impressions are very good – it’s on a cute road which is a conservation area and looks very welcoming.


And the inside looks just as good as the exterior.


But most importantly it has a good selection of beer. As well as six cask pumps, there was one real cider and a good choice of bottles (there’s a list of the bottles available on their website) and all at decent prices.




We started with five samplers to share which were:

1. Phoenix Red Devils – a very easy to drink ale with a nice after taste 7/10

2. Marstons Charge – a slightly disappointing and watery drink. This is the latest beer from Elbow and not as good as Build A Rocket Boys 3/10

3. Tring Brewery Tea Kettle Stout – a lovely coffee taste and not too heavy 7/10

4. Pictish Brewing Company Amphora – light and easy to drink with hints of lemon 7/10

5. Portobello American Pale Ale – very hoppy and moreish 8/10

We then had some food (which was very good and great value for money) and I went for the Portobello Star, an amber ale which was enjoyable – 7/10

Meanwhile Ross went for one of the bottled beers – Delirium Nocturnum. I was admiring the glass it came in and the barman said they have the glass to go with each bottled beer they sell which is a nice touch (nothing worse than getting presented with a lovely Weissbier in a regular pint glass!).


We were also joined by Ross’ sister and dad (who was the one who recommended it to us) who also sampled some of the ales.

Overall a great little pub. It’s cosy, excellent choice of ales with a decent amount of local breweries represented and good food.

We have to pop to Rochdale again tomorrow and hopefully will have time to nip in to the Baum again while we’re there!


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