The Inn Beer Shop – Southport

I took a visit back to my hometown of sunny Southport recently and no trip home is complete without popping in to the wonderful Inn Beer Shop on Lord Street.


This little place opened up after I’d moved away from Southport and it was recommended to me by my parents (who call it the German beer shop).

It’s a real treasure trove and, as well as its selection of beers to take away, it also has a couple of beers on cask and keg – the keg beers are usually international pilsners and the cask beers are from Southport Brewery. You can also drink any bottle on the premises for an additional 50p.

The only downside is it is very small and there isn’t too much seating so it can be a bit hectic of an evening.

The bottled selection includes a variety of British beers – from both larger breweries and some local breweries. The Continental beers mainly come from Germany and Belgium. Along with the beers on the shelves, there’s also a few fridges.


Here’s what we came away with – Southport Brewery’s Old Shrimper Winter Ale and Irlbacher Hefe-Weissbier:




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