The Baltic Fleet

I took a trip across to Liverpool last week for my parents’ birthdays with the intention of visiting a few pubs.

However we started in the Baltic Fleet and ended up staying there all evening as we enjoyed it so much.

The pub is very close to the Albert Dock and Liverpool One so it’s very easy to find – the distinctive chimneys also help!


The pub is reportedly haunted but we didn’t see anything spooky while we were there. There are also apparently tunnels leading from the basement to both the docks and the former red light district!

The pub produces its own beers, Wapping Beers, in the basement.
However although I had half a pint of the Stout and a little bit of the Summer Ale (before I knocked it over!) I was very pleased to see Weihenstephan on tap so I stuck to that all night.




After a few hours we heard some singing from the other room – it was sea shanty evening.


The group of singers were fantastic and it really added something to the atmosphere of an already excellent pub.

I’ll definitely be back to try some of their other beers in the future.

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