The Crown and Kettle

Took a trip to what I would say is my second favourite pub in Manchester for their weekly quiz – the Crown and Kettle.

Just slightly outside the Northern Quarter it has most of the elements you want a pub to have – historic interior, guest ales, lovely pies and a roaring fire.

The excellent Pubs of Manchester has a good history of the pub.


I started off with a pint of Kamikaze from Dent Brewery in Cumbria which is not one I’ve heard of before. The beer had some nice citrus flavours and was very easy to drink. 7/10.


Beer and pork pie. Winning combination (and the pies are free if you enter the quiz! )


Terrible photo as my phone is awful but I then moved on to Black Moss Stout by Riverhead Brewery, which is based in Marsden near Huddersfield.


A lovely colour and a really nice, coffee after-taste. Definitely worth sampling. 8/10.


Another good experience at one of Manchester’s best pubs. Will have to go back before the guest ales are changed – they’ve also got Meme by Boggart Brewery and another Dent beer on at the moment which I’d like to try.

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