The end of an era for the Lass

Sad news for pub fans in Manchester – the lessee of the Lass O’Gowrie is leaving following a dispute with Greene King meaning the end of an era for the award-winning pub. Greene King are also in the news today as the landlords of a pub in Cambridge have also left – following another dispute with the Suffolk pubco.

I found out about the Lass’ troubles a few weeks ago as I’m a member of a book club which was using the pub as its venue every month. As a result of these changes, the group has had to move on from the location it has been at for a number of years – a location which has been very good to the club. I’m sure we’re not the only ones impacted as there are a number of other events which take place at the Lass and I assume if we’ve had to go, they will too.

The Lass was named Pub of the Year back in 2012 but the move of the BBC has obviously hit it hard – it’s plain to see from the reduction in the number of ales served. But what a shame that a pub of such character has been forced to change by a pubco – and if an award-winning and such well-known location can suffer this fate what hope do other pubs have?

My book club was told that a significant refurbishment is planned by Greene King. Does this mean taking all the character out of the venue and adding to the “studentification” of the area along with some of the proposals for the former BBC site, currently underused as yet another car park, which seem to be focused on student accommodation? Only time will tell.

Best of luck to Gareth in his future endeavors.


One thought on “The end of an era for the Lass

  1. I’m probably not your first commenter, but nice piece! being focused on great beer rather than venues, not been in the Lass much since I used to drink there in the 80s when there was still a brewery there. Beautiful building though. The Kings Arms in Salford hosts a lot of clubs – just a suggestion! (Also, hope that the Lass keeps the Pissotiere on the outside – facing Joshua Brooks! A suitably quirky external feature!) Keep up the blogging!

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